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ZDNet coverage of the Darwin story, with "statement" by OSI "representative" David Swofford

Gamespot coverage of the Darwin story (actually it's the same story by the same reporter, but the web page is colored differently!)

Adrenaline Vault coverage of the Darwin story (they reposted Origin's press release in time-honored fashion)

Blues News coverage of the Darwin story (basically a link right back here)

Evil Avatar coverage of the Darwin story (not only a cool name, he actually got the story right)

06/30/99 5:00 AM ANOTHER VIEW

Here's an email you all might find interesting, from Kevin "Darwin" Roseler's wife Alysha. As I keep annoyingly saying, no matter what you may think about what happened (and you can read what I think below) there always is another view.

Let me preface this by saying that this is the last statement of any kind I intend to make about this topic. A question draws out an answer, that only raises another question. It won't end, until someone stops it. Do I hope this letter will stop this madness? Yes. Do I truly anticipate that it will? No.

I've played UO myself for a year now. I purchased the game at full price. I paid $10 a month to play it, just as every one of you has. No GM ever touched my account for any purpose other than to robe my former Test Center Counselor, Compassion. I am entitled to my player's perspective and opinion. I think what The GM Formerly Known as Darwin has done is an atrocity to the game as a whole. The players now trust GMs that much less. They feel all GMs are corrupt. They are questioning OSI's ethics and screening processes. It just is reflecting very poorly on Dear Ole OSI.

I have been married to Kevin Roseler for four and a half years now though. I am obligated to love the man through thick and thin. Do I condone his course of action? Are you kidding me? No, I am not about to sit here and say "Oh, but he is a fine upstanding man with a heart as good as gold. Just look past the mess and see the man" I love him, but yes, he screwed up...royally. Is he sincerely sorry he did what he did? Eh, I wish he was, but as he said, if he had it to do again, he just might. Is he sorry he got caught? I guarantee you he is.

Now, really, is what he has done illegal? No charges were filed. He didn't steal copies of the game and sell them. He created something from nothing and someone bought it. That sounds wrong, right? Well, the selling part wasn't even the illegal part! The fact that he acquired the money by abusing his company given powers was the terminatable, but not illegal, offense. It was wrong and he acknowledges that, but lay off the talk of corporate embezzlement and fraud, will you? If a woman snags her hose and uses a drop of company glue is she going to be charged with company embezzlement? Of course she isn't! Hasn't she taken something that belonged to the company and used it for her own personal gain though? Get real people. If a man has company papers in his briefcase bound by a company paper clip, then goes home with them, is he going to be hung out to dry like a thief? That's pretty stupid isn't it!? He has taken something that belonged to the company though. Where do you draw that line? Sure, I am speaking of actual, tangible things that are as stupid as they come, but isn't creating something from nothing really just about as stupid? "He has put the UO economy out of balance" Tell me just how that is going to affect you John Q. Public. As I said, I played the game and never once did it affect me.

There is one last thing I would like to address. First and foremost, Kevin's eBay spendings and sellings really shouldn't be any of your concern. Since they have become public knowledge, let me just say that the computer parts were purchased by and for his Mommy Dearest in an effort to build a computer so she can keep in touch with her little boy, NOT that it is any business of yours, however. Oh, and the Mickey Mouse salt and pepper shakers are for me. Many of you will of course take this with a grain of salt, but I am a woman of my word. Kevin really did do this as a favor to a friend. He helped the friend and still has the friend. He lost the job, but will find another. We are getting phone calls at home. Kevin is receiving hate mail. I've even received requests for authorization on my ICQ list for interviews with the infamous GM Darwin. All I have to say is, this too shall pass.

I am not writing this to defend Kevin. I am not writing this to bash him either. I am writing to point out a few simple facts.

Kevin screwed up. OSI DID fire him as soon as they found out. He is NOT the first GM to ever be fired. As Lum said, this was bound to happen. If this 'crime' had not been committed by Kevin, it would have been committed by someone else soon enough. Kevin does not have a dime to show for this.

What more can I say? Nothing I said was so mind numbing as to really open anyone's eyes or alter any opinions. Truthfully, I don't REALLY care what you think anymore. I was always told that not everyone is going to like me all of the time and there isn't going to be anything I can do to change that. The same goes for Kevin. Such is life. That said, I will close.

Alysha Roseler
(That is pronounced "rose" {as in the flower} "ler")


Busy day.

Most of you have responded, some quite eloquently, here and elsewhere about Darwin generating and selling UO gold on eBay. I posted them in exactly the order I recieved them, and it's interesting to see how opinion gradually shifted as time went on.

What's my opinion? Well, contrary to popular belief, I didn't go out for drinks with him after the interview. He didn't seek me out, I went and found him. We had Twister's expose of the eBay files, we had the standard OSI corpspeak we'll-make-everything-better-now press release, what we didn't have was, um, why he did it. So I asked.

Why have I been making such a big deal out of all this? Simple... if anything could destroy UO, it would be this.

I'm not being sensationalistic, I'm stating the facts, plainly. I've ranted on about how the incompetence of the UO support staff has had a chilling effect on the way the game's community has evolved. Here's a particularly long riff on that theme.

Now we have hard, concrete evidence that despite all the carefully announced checks and balances on the power of GMs on the game world, we have one particular and not especially unusual GM that cloned money and castles and sold them for real money.

This is a big deal. This isn't Twister's latest rant, and for once he actually happened across a real news story, and all respect/props/whatever-gangsta-slang-you-prefer to him for breaking it. This is real. This is a hard, concrete example of the corruption that has infected UO.

One family's already suffered for it. I know, I've talked to them. You can take the moral high ground about law and order all you want - there's a guy right now who's out of a job because he didn't. And you know, "I was helping a friend" ain't gonna cut it next month when rent comes due. That's far more of a punishment then any biting words I could ever post.

His coworkers aren't too happy either, I imagine. Who can blame them? Who trusts a GM, now? I mean, shit, what else could come out? One thing that came out of the interview that no one really commented on was how some GM (I was told by a couple of folks it was GM Boo) just unilaterally deleted Nighthawk's tower immediately after he was banned, out of spite. That's just fucked up. That's punishing a player and, more importantly, those co-owners of that tower who may not have been banned, because Nighthawk writes a widely read web site on how to be a nasty player. That is so fucked up, it is unreal. OSI can blather on about community online development relations all they want, but when people start getting the smackdown for what they say and write outside of the game, that is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. And what happened to all that GM logging? How was the deletion of Nighthawk's tower logged? "Player's tower deleted, I didn't like him very much"? They said over and over that his tower wouldn't be replaced (must be that "No rolling back of GM spiteful fuckups" clause in the TOS), and then, according to Darwin, he did get his tower replaced, and money besides, as a reward for being a snitch. Nighthawk said he didn't, and your choices for who you can believe range between a recently disgraced and fired GM and a PK who used to hang around with Ronald McDonald. Mmmm, role models.

You got a bunch of kids, most under the age of 25, working for internship wages, apparently poorly supervised (didn't anyone notice Darwin spontaneously generating castles in odd places?), that hold an enterprise that generates over a $1,000,000.00 a month in revenue hostage. You'd think at some point, someone at OSI would rent a clue. I'm sure many of us would be happy to lease them out at reasonable rates.

Everquest customer support is having problems too, by the way. Lots of high level characters got "lost" the other day. Whoops.


Well, we're not sure, but it's a good segue for our interview of LadyMOI by guest columnist and fictional character Brent Sienna of PvP magazine. While a condition of the interview was that it be understood that she cannot comment on, well, pretty much everything you've read the past couple of days here, it is still of mild interest. Plus, it gives us an excuse to post a picture of Neve Campbell. Mmmmm. As an added bonus, Brent also sent us the questions he wanted to ask ex-GM Darwin as well.


A good friend of mine, as part of a detailed analysis of this recent foofrah, sleuthed out some interesting messages posed to Usenet by ex-GM Darwin under a few aliases. (I posted his entire article on the comments about the Darwin story page, it's a good read.)

Darwin on cheating
Darwin on UOE
Darwin on the time he was actually in the same room as Lum the Mad
Darwin on why you never see GMs in game


Following my earlier adventure in modern journalism by actually asking the principal what was up, I asked Nighthawk via ICQ if that was his keep. He sent me this picture in response, and it does say a thousand words.

I thought perhaps that this could have been placed by those housing placement bugs Dr. Twister is so fond of tracking... but then why didn't the GMs just delete it when they found it? Lord knows they have no problem whatsoever deleting houses, as Nighthawk found out. Here's a few questions I asked Nighthawk about his part in this.

[Lum] Is that keep in the screenshot I just sent you yours?

[Nighthawk] No. I have no idea who owns the "Japanese Hall" that claims to be mine. I'm geniunely clueless in that regard.

[Lum] Were you compensated for your ingame losses? With what?

[Nighthawk] No, with the help of a friend (Charley) we purchased a tower in game about a week ago. I'd had many many people come up to me and tell me they heard about that purchase, so it's pretty much common knowledge that Charley got me back on my feet.

[Lum] Did anyone ever explain to you why your tower was deleted?

[Nighthawk] No, outside of the interview you had with Darwin, I've not had an explanation of why my tower was deleted. Well, except that they said they would not replace it - they certainly said that a lot.

I think we can safely assume that GM Darwin's eBay dealings are not the only funny things going on with the GMs. And the more questions that get answered, the more questions are raised.

Working this story HARD, folks. More later.


I was pointed to this posting on the message base of the Royal Court, a Baja guild:

I was out hunting by the crypts last week and I noticed there was a CASTLE on top of the largest crypts. Well, that was certainly new to me. I remember seeing a house and a tower before...but not an entire castle. It exactly fits the entire roof of the crypt.

Anyhow, I wandered around to the front of the castle and clicked on the sign and was told the sign read "Japanese Hall"

Now, Nighthawk got banned for saying "jap" then supposedly got a castle for revealing Darwin. Suddenly a new castle appears in a very strange place with the name "Japanese Hall." Anyone want to guess whose castle this is?

Oh, did I mention the posted sign in front of the castle that reads "This building will be allowed to stay here until room is available in game for the placing of large houses."

In other words...forever.

Meanwhile, older buildings that were placed on the crypts legally in the first weeks of play and promised to be left alone were deleted when it was convienent. How special. And such a charming name for his new, OSI sponsored castle. Think they decorated it, too?

Some more of my thoughts on the Darwin-eBay mess to follow soon.


God DAMN this is weird. Props to Cynic. Make sure you have about 3 hours or so before following that link.


Saw an interesting note on Dr. Twister's EQ site - apparently Verant has contacted him about helping them keep up with bugs.

Wow. The mind reels. Hell, maybe OSI will ask me to do their PR, too. And Monolith will get OldManMurray to hype their next game.

We really ARE all a bunch of corrupt weirdos caught in bed with our own sister!


As expected, you had a lot to say on the Darwin interview, and it isn't even daylight yet. Check here for comments sent to me on the story. I'll continue to update that page as more comments come in.

One brief comment from me: just because I posted Darwin's side of the story does not mean I am his "buddy" or that I even approved of what he did. I sought out his view of what happened because it was worth knowing. Obviously he has his side, Twister has already posted his view, and I'm sure OSI will no doubt have something to say (even if it's "no comment"). However getting the (ex, in this case) GM's view in a situation like this as opposed to OSI's view or our own bitching is extremely rare, and I think you'll agree it was an interesting read. I'm sorry if it wasn't the usual dehumanizing "ALL GMs SUCK A ROOT" sort of thing, but as I said, there are actual people behind all of this, and sometimes it's worth a look through someone else's eyes.

06/28/99 10:00 PM THE REST OF THE STORY

We all know, all have personal experience with GM favoritism and selective enforcement of ingame rules of conduct. I won't even bother to recite the whole sad litany. I only wonder when we'll pop open CNet, Gamespot, or CNN and read about the GM who was slipped $5,000 under the table to create an Ubercharacter that would be sold by a third party on eBay. $5,000 to a kid just out of/still in college is a lot of money. And I just see the current "Well, we'll ban you for macroing, but only if we feel like it" as just another incredible enabler for ingame administrative corruption.

Lum the Mad
April, 1999

No doubt you have all read Dr. Twister's latest. Go read it, if you haven't.

Now, far be it for me to interrupt a good Twister rant, but there are actual people involved in this story, not just the usual conspiracy theories. Actual people, like Kevin "GM Darwin" Roseler, with a wife and young child, trying to make ends meet while working on the digitial frontier that no one, especially including his bosses, have any clue of how to navigate. Actual people like "Nighthawk", the webmaster of Joy of Villany, who, after rousing the UO community to defend his being banned over a racial slur, found a way to get his lost keep back. Actual people like you, who wonder if the police in your virtual community are on the take or merely lost in an incestuous feedback loop.

Let's hear what Kevin himself has to say. I know asking the actual person involved his thoughts on the matter is a radical departure for online news stories these days, but what the hey, I like to be different.

[Lum] Why don't we start with your take on what happened?

[Kevin] Ahh, where to start... well, most of what the little jerk said was true.. there is no denying what I did. A really good friend of mine was and is going through a very very rough spot in life... he is having marriage troubles... and needed to get out of debt fast in order to try and save his marriage.

[Lum] Well, was there ever anything said about eBay to GMs?

[Kevin] well,, kinda a long time ago, like when that first account was sold. I mean I knew if I was caught that I would be fired. But, if I had to do it all over I would do it again... a friend needed me and I stick by my friends. Now that being said, there is the thought that I got something out of this.. well I did, I helped a friend and did not make a dime. There are so many that are never reported. I mean, I am sure all the GM's have done, none were caught for it while I was there (10 months the day they fired me)

[Lum] Were any GMs fired for tampering with the game world in the past?

[Kevin] A couple of GMs were fired for getting, err, personal with counselors. You see, they had a rule that we could have no relations outside of business with any UO player. Total bullshit if you ask me.

[Lum] Did the story Dr. Twister told on his web page about your GM call re the blue thief have anything to do with your being terminated?

[Kevin] ahh that was bullshit... and you know that Vader is him right? Nah, it had nothing to do with me losing my job, this was not about job performance. Anyway he was also a counselor... Twister backwards was his counselor name.

[Lum] Well I guess that pretty much proves that the Counselor program needed better screening...

[Kevin] Aye.. yes it needs much better screening.

[Lum] Do you think the temptation of virtual assets being generated and sold for real-world cash occurred to OSI at any point?

[Kevin] When that first account was sold, they warned us about it and said not to do it. But, the lure is always there... I mean, I am sure others GM's have done it or are doing it.

[Lum] Would it be too nosy to ask how much you were paid as a GM?

[Kevin] Nah, we make $10 an hour, and I had been there 10 months the day I was fired and was still a temporary employee.

[Lum] I realize most of the GMs at OSI are still friends of yours, but do you think they are adequately trained and staffed?

[Kevin] Trained? Yes.. staffed... no, I mean there are times when there is one GM for 2 shards... that makes response times crappy and slow, there should always be one, perhaps two on some shards, ie. Atlantic, Great Lakes, LS, Pacific and maybe Chessie and Cats...

[Lum] Do you think OSI will penalize any of the people that you sold real estate to?

[Kevin] I would hope not, and here is a good one for you. Know the Nighthawk guy? Anyway, he was supposed to be banned for calling someone a Jap or something... anyway, someone from upstairs ie. the dev team or the community people said to unban him since he had all his friends protest. While this was happening, after he was banned, one of the Lead GMs deleted his tower and other items, so when he was unblocked, he had nothing. He is the one that actually turned me in. What does he get for all this? A placed Castle and much more... I heard over 5 + million gold. You can see how strict they are about racial harassment there.

[Lum] I always thought his tower disappearing was somewhat fishy. So Nighthawk turned you in, and OSI rewarded him with a placed castle?

[Kevin] Yes, he turned me in... he looked up all my auctions online, not that I was being to careful or anything, and then emailed them saying that a GM may be selling items on Ebay and then they (Origin) called or emailed eBay and found out for sure... and then I was fired. Again, I am not upset or mad with OSI about my my termination as it was my fault, just the way it was handled and now this bullshit letter they post on the site... that is just plain classless

[Lum] Do you think OSI thought the reason for your termination would never have been made public? It strikes me that they're trying to protect themselves.

[Kevin] Yes, I think they could cover it up and hope nothing came out. I knew it would be public soon enough as Twister's little pet, Shai'Tan emailed me saying he knew all about it. I think OSI, thought they could cover it up by firing me and then posting this bullshit letter on the page, but I knew it would be out soon enough as Twister knew what was up.

[Lum] Well I think we've pretty much covered everything... is there something I missed that you'd like to add?

[Kevin] Umm, well, yes, if you can add this to the end or something...

[Lum] Speak clearly into the microphone...

[Kevin] To all the players in UO, it was my pleasure to serve you and help you in the game. I know a lot of you hate me. Well, not hate me personally but the GM persona of me, and for that I am sorry. But, you must understand there is very little the GMs can actually do. That said, I am sorry to all the GMs, PDs and all the players. What I did was very wrong and I have no excuse. All I can say was that I was helping a friend that needed help. Would I do it again? I am not sure, but my guess is yes. Thanks again and farewell all.

[Lum] Thanks for your time, Kevin.

One thing is clear - GM Darwin no longer works for OSI. Everything else is pretty much up for grabs on this story. There are a GREAT many ethical questions raised by this interview, and the issues behind it. Kevin's "crime", if that, is so arcane that it's doubtful a judge could even understand it, much less rule on it, is that he profited from his position as a GM to place virutal houses, castles and other realty that could not otherwise be placed in the virtual reality enviornment of UO.

That much is clear, and obviously profiting from his position as a GM was wrong. As OSI will no doubt state, as I have stated in the past, when this happens, as the rules of the game become open to the interpretation of those with the most money or the most influence (much like American society in real life, actually), those who have neither suffer for it.

And yet. When OSI gave Nighthawk a placed castle in lieu of 30 pieces of silver, how was what OSI did different from what GM Darwin did? Are those rules of the game more "open to interpretation" by the people who run it as opposed to those who must police it?

It's all corrupt, and Darwin is by far not the only guilty party. And don't even get me started on Twister.

I'm sure I'll have more to say later, as will you.


As you may know, unlike UO, it is impossible to go on the web and look up something from the many useful EQ web sites while playing. So I made some MS Word files suitable for printing, that is if you're like me and have a REALLY FAST printer at work, because these files are pretty big. All they are are compendiums of information from all the various Everquest sites on the web, so they're really only worth downloading if you need something offline (like, while you're actually playing EQ), especially since the information on the web sites is updated whereas these files aren't. They just sit there on paper and wait to be read or doodled on.

As a free bonus, here's a MS Word file of helpful Japanese phrases while playing EQ. Print it with everything else; you'll be a good citizen of the world that way.

Antonica and Odus guide (4.2 MB)
Faydwer guide (1.4 MB)


The eyes of MOI were upon my last update and let me know that the UO TOS agreement is in fact online at https://www.uo.com/agreement.html, so if you think my copy sneaked in extra wording about free krysses of vanquishing to characters named Lum the Mad, you can check the Official Real Deal.


Check it here.


Everyone's favorite Friend In Space, Dr. Twister, posted over the weekend about how OSI may be monitoring use of UOE. Here's my thoughts. I have quite a few, so go grab a beer, because this is a big ol' old school rant from the Lummster.

It would be trivally easy for OSI to determine if you were using UOE, since, like every other program, it leaves an entry in your Registry to save your preferences and such. (It's stored under "Kowlesoft Software", I believe.) Any program could check for these registry entries, and encoding such a check would be trivial.

That being said, will OSI ban you for having UOE on your machine? Let's look at some history.

Remember Starcraft? Really popular game, really well done, really widely pirated. Blizzard (who are all basically a bunch of pirates and hackers themselves, and I mean that in a good way) knew this would happen and put in a serial number on every CD which was matched to a database when you logged into battle.net to play online, which at the time was fairly revolutionary.

Of course, the guys who pirated Starcraft were slowed down by this scheme for all of twenty seconds, and included a handy serial number generator that allowed anyone using a pirated copy to "roll their own" serial number and jump online. Only problem with this was that, of course, if someone went to the store, bought Starcraft, and logged into battle.net, there was now a chance that someone beat them to their own serial number.

This did not amuse Blizzard, and their response, for whatever reason, was to download huge chunks of every user's Windows registry that logged into battle.net. They later stated that they did this to try to get the user's identity from their Netscape and Internet Explorer entries (whatever they use for an email address, etc.) There was nothing to actually prevent them from doing this technically. Legally was a different story... and they got sued. Blizzard settled out of court, but needless to say, every game developer was watching, including OSI. who of course has their own very special legal history.

Given all that, why don't we examine the UO Terms of Service (which I've helpfully mirrored, since the UO web site is lacking both a search engine and, as best as I can determine, a linkable copy). Section 5(c) states

You acknowledge that you do not have the right to create, publish, distribute, create derivative works from or use any software programs, utilities, applications, emulators or tools derived from or created for Ultima Online unless specifically authorized in writing by Origin Systems.

Pretty cut and dried (and why in the hell a legal document uses Comic Sans as a font, I'll never fathom.) But what's interesting is this next part, section 5(e):

You understand that you have no expectation of privacy regarding the communications you make on the Service, and that all communications made by or received from you may be monitored by Origin Systems representatives. You hereby consent to the extraction of hardware system profile data and any data related to operation of the Software through the Service from any computer that logs on to the Service using your Account.

Things that make you go hmmmmm. Now, this may very well be just legal butt-covering in the wake of the Blizzard lawsuit... or maybe it's just preparedness. Only the dev team (or more probably, their lawyers) know for sure.

Now, unlike certain other less responsible web sites, I'm not suggesting dragging OSI into court every time a GM looks at you sidewise. I'm a firm believer in the Shakespearean method of tort reform. However, even if OSI *could* download and inspect your registry (which they can, as I showed above), and assuming a lawyer does not immediately float into the programmer's den there and intone "THOU HAST LOST AN EIGHTH!" when they do it (which they won't, as I showed above), what does it really prove?

They aren't confirming that you are USING UOE by this method, merely that you INSTALLED it. I'm pretty sure a whole lot of people, up to and including GM Lord British, have installed UOE. If for no other reason, just to see what other idiots could do to YOU. While the TOS pretty clearly states that you can't install or use any 3rd party utilities unless OSI sends you a registered letter (it has to be "specifically authorized in writing by Origin Systems", remember) the fact is that this TOS was hidden in a web document on OSI's web site that took me six minutes to find (I timed it) and I am, as you all know, the Web Search Ninja. It would take mere mortals at LEAST ten minutes. And as we all know, enforcement is nine-tenths of the law in the wild and wooly world of UO, as GM Judge Dredd would say. It's theoretically possible that you could be banned for installing UOE, but enforcing it would be an entirely different beast entirely.

There is one other possibility, and that is that the UO client has been patched to detect what if any other processes are running alongside it. This is also pretty easy to do, although not as falling-off-a-log easy as checking the registry to see if UOE was installed. It's pretty easy to guess what would happen if GMs COULD detect if UOE were running... everyone running UOE would be banned. So either this hasn't been done, or (more likely, given the rumors out of OSI) it has but they are waiting on the OK from legal to begin the executions.

Of course, if you actually are worried about OSI finding out if you use UOE, you are a complete and total loser anyway. Now that UOA has been approved, and many not-quite-as-approved hacks to re-enable continuous macroing are out as well, the only people who use UOE with UO are those who are too cheap to actually fork over a lousy ten bucks for a software program. Two words - blow me.

It could be worse. In EQ, the solution was to just not allow you to use any third party utilties while EQ is running. Like, say, Windows.


The Ministry of Information, Carly Division reports in;

The Eyes of MOI are upon you,
All the live long day.
The Eyes of MOI are upon you,
You can not get away.
Do not think you can escape them
At night or early in the morn-
The Eyes of MOI are upon you
'Till Gabriel blows his horn.

-Adapted from the Eyes of Texas (the UT school song), and sung to "I've Been Working on the Railroad."

At least, I think that's what it said. It IS time for my medication.


GM Darwin posted on the Gate Traveller board that he was leaving OSI. Although he said he was leaving of his own will, another comment that all his accounts, including his personal account, were blocked suggest otherwise. This is the same GM Darwin that Dr. Twister accused of "tampering with evidence" after being called last week. Any connection?

Anyone with any lead on what the real story is? E me.


OSI announced a few new hires. Here's the press release as retyped in um, reported by AVault:

Origin Taps Fresh Management Focused on Online Titles

Origin Systems today announced several additions to its management team as the company moves forward with plans to solely create online-only games. Alan Pavlish will be joining the company as an executive producer. Pavlish is a 17-year industry veteran who comes from Interplay, where he helped create the Descent series and Die by the Sword, among other titles. He will begin his duties July 5.

Jessica Mulligan is Originís new director of external relations for online service. During her 12-year career, she was the driving force behind the industry's first graphics-based online role-playing game at America Online and became the first product manager for General Electric's GEnie online service. She is also a founder and former executive of Engage Games Online.

Jason Bell joins Origin from Kesmai Corporation, a leading developer and publisher of online multiplayer games. Bell will be stepping into the role of producer and will lead the Ultima Online Live development team. At Kesmai, Jason was the executive producer for Aliens Online and served as creative director for other successful titles, such as Air Warrior 3 and Legends of Kesmai.

Speaking of press releases, you know, we haven't heard anything from LadyMOI lately. You don't think... no, she can't... well maybe... I hate to admit the possibility, but she may be seeing another website. There, it's out. But we can take it, we're a mature, strong website, and our heart will go on. Maybe this new "director of external relations" (god, that sounds so Borg) will be more careful with our web-based affections. Only time will tell.

All material © 1999 Lum the Mad. Even the parts owned by Sony, Verant, OSI, and North Korea. ESPECIALLY those parts. If you re-use my content without my consent, I'll get my lawyer, Kevin Murphy, Journalist At Large, to get medieval on your ass.