05/24/99 11:45 AM NORRATH MON AMOUR

No, the web site isn't closing down. Hell, we got to spread the word to leave Gary Coleman alone, if nothing else. I just plan on ranting about EQ more than UO, since I play EQ more than UO. (By the way, I just want to say that Rallos Zek is a completely different server if you're a Drow. Unlike the other races, they actually stick together as intended. Some lamer tried to PK my 1st level newbie and 12 different people bitchslapped him down to size. Feel the fury of the Teir'Dal!)

Will I ever play UO again? Probably. One thing about UO, come back in 4 months and it's a completely different game. Maybe everyone will be using axes or something.

Here's a response I've gotten already. I'd say if even HALF of his list was implemented, I'd be back in UO in a heartbeat. Especially Item 1. GOD, especially Item 1.

The new "patch" has brought me into some serious consideration of just flat out quitting UO as well.  First, here are some thing I would like to see and would make me want to play again.
Shard Wipe, all of them (in the voice of Palpatine).
1 house per account, period.
You can only res 1 time per day per karma level, period (neg karma would need several days).
Make a non-pk shard.
Make a pk free-for-all shard (well, abyss..)
Have skills change on a generic scale that is time based, not "use skill, repeate 7000 times".
Fire all the GMs under 23 (all of them) and hire professionals
Hire 5 PhD programmers, tell them you want results in 30 days or they are all fired
Hire 30 support staff from Cisco

Thats not too much to ask for is it?

Now let me make the generic "I'm pist because..." list
- They lied to us: Frankly, this is the thing that urks me the most. 2 weeks before EQ came out we were given a sniff of many nifty new UO things to toy with. The Alchemy patch, Good/Evil patch, and Necromancy. They bluntly lied and tonld us they would be out in a few weeks. EQ came and past, UO still remained with no real changes. Instead we get a provocation "fix" (the hoards of game breaking bards are breaking the game I guess), tinkering "fix" (you may know about that), and rebroke fishing again. They also lied about houses being placed on the new lands, paying for new add-ons, and many other issues.

- The Client: Man oh man. How they ~still~ fuck up the same program after 2 years? Christ! It won't even save uo.cfg and my hard drive thrashes on 512 meg of ram when Uo is running. This is just flat out incompetence.
- Annoyances: Thing that should have been fixed by now but are not. How many times have you had a vendor teleport out on you while you had the shopping list open?  Ever try to buy Pearl at peak hours? Don't you love having doors slamming in your face? etc...
 - Housing: I don't know where to even start on this one.  I hate hear someone whine how they can't place the Tower deed they bought with the 5 million gold they duped last year. I ~barely~ got enough for a small house and I can't place the damn thing...
You know what, fuck you OSI and fuck me for putting up with the shit. Damn it, I just want to play the game and have some fun.

05/24/99 9:00 AM SOSARIA MON AMOUR

Time to call it a day.

I think the final straw for me was going on my non-macroed, non-powergaming like-you're-supposed-to daily mining run and finding out I couldn't build shovels any more.

Shovels. They're pretty simple, really. You take a slab of flat metal, nail it to a stick of wood, and wallah, you have a shovel. Hell, I could probably do it in real life and I have a Tinkering skill of maybe 0.8.

My miner, however, who has a Tinkering of 40 or so, can't. I'm sure all the macrominers who have GM Tinkering along with everything else aren't fazed, but for me, it's pretty pissy.

Actually it's symptomatic of something else, really... the divide between Newbie and Powergamer, those who think generating 10K a day in wealth is no big deal and think UO is too easy, and those who consistently get the beatdown from rabbits. (Well, they're large fierce rabbits.) Those powergamers were able to get GM Smiths and GM Resist and all those other now impossible to gain skills, and really don't give a flying hoohah that those skills are now impossible to gain for anyone else, and that this pretty much locks the game down to those who are already in, playing.

So, you can mine the way you're "supposed" to, running 250 or 260 stone (because you know, having 100 STR is impossible without macroing) of ore back and forth, and after a few hours maybe having 500 ore. Woo hoo!

Or you can macromine off a boat. And get banned. And figure out the next way to powermine. Hell, I don't know, levitation?

The macroing thing bothered me too. It always bothered me. The response, more from the children who dominate this game then anything else, is "well, if you don't have the time to devote to this game, you shouldn't be able to do what you want."

An exact quote from a player:

A good majority of the UO populous has no clue what's best for it... I don't
care if 80% of the votes say "yes, we want this"... if it's a bad idea, then
it shouldn't be put in...

Pretty much says it all for me. Ya know, doesn't matter what people want, because they don't know what's best for them. Bleah. Sorry, I work for a living, I don't have time to be re-educated into the proper way of thinking.

About the only thing that could have saved UO at this point for me would have been a compelling plot line. OK, you can stop laughing now. Seriously, UO has the capability for decent roleplaying, but OSI's support for this ingame has wavered between non-existent, sort of halfassed, and "Fuck you, we're too busy looking for macroers". Three guesses what the current stance is.

Too bad, because Pandemonium's new client is pretty cool. A game behind it would have been nice, though.

Bottom line: it's just not fun any more. So I'm going on a vacation. Not cancelling the account (hell, I'll sell it on eBay before I do that, I like own houses on Great Lakes and shit), but taking a break.

Since I'm not going to be frustrated in UO any more for a while, I guess I'll be frustrated in EQ. Look for me on the Veeshan (Sturmrider the lost barbarian) and Rallos Zek (Ylumdal the scheming Drow necromancer) servers.

What about the web site? Haven't decided yet. I'm open to letting someone who still plays UO rant on about it while I figure out if anything in EQ is worth ranting about. They introduced a totally fucked up patch the other night, so there is hope.






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