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More Armor Calculatin'
Review/Giveaway at XrGaming
Solclaim Photo Album Contest
AC at the Interactive Age Conference

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Ultima 1 Remake Interview @ GA-RPG
Publish Update Jan 31
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IDSA Conference Update
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DAoC preview at GameZNet...
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02/01/01 Dev Post Update
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Lamurian Skin
DEV Posts 1/31/01

Warden on guild titles, running game fiction
La Source Screenshot
Angus the Grim: State of the Game
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Star Wars Galaxies
Shug Ninx on Lightsaber construction times
Shug Cubes #2

That Ultima Thing
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Unofficial Question of the Week: Choosing Skills
Ultima 1 Remake Interview
UO in the interactive age

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If I still played this game, I would probably have a wiseass comment to put here

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I don't write web sites to bake bread, I write them to crush

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Crossroads of Camelot
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You kids and your aliens today, bah.

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Designing A Better Skinner Box
Because, admit it, everyone reading this site wants to do their own game. And better. With precasting. Biy0tch.

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mmognews: masthead
who is responsible for this? who can i scream at? where does this highway lead to?

editor, figurehead: Lum the Mad

Founder of, back in the halcyon, salad days when men were men, women ran screaming in terror from men who were men, and ranters threw up hastily scribbled HTML pages with barely coherent opinions usually involving OSI and GMs. "The Rantings of Lum the Mad" quickly grew into first a successful web site, then a multinational marketing phenomenon, and finally, in 2031, supplanted the Roman Catholic Church as the most powerful political force in many Latin American countries.

Stung by constant accusations that fame had gone to his head and that he had sold out to Origin, Verant, Turbine, Glitchless, and the Easter Bunny, at the dawning of the new millienium Lum secretly journeyed to Kathnurgar, the hidden fortress of Rathamayana Buddhism in eastern Tibet. There, he met with the Jola Khan, who slapped him ritually and told him "yea, verily, removeth thy head from thine ass." Thus, was born.

assistant editor, token liberal: Myschyf

Myschyf is the world's first game character to write commentary for an online gaming website. OSI is much better than anyone gives them credit for. This explains her constant attempts to gain employment with OSI by writing articles favorable to UO. As she is simply a game character, she doesn't realize she is already 'employed' by them. We put that in quotes because she is not paid. There is a lawsuit pending.

ultima online editor, keeper of HAT: Arcadian Del Sol
(email / web)

Born in downtown Baltimore when it was a cool and comfortable place, moved to the suburbs when the invid took over. Scored a solid C+ average in school until the 11th grade when for some strange reason, an A appeared next to "Creative Writing." The career survey I took in 12th grade said to be a banker - and when I play Monopoly, that's exactly what I do. Currently pitching a novel to anyone who has a printing press. Call me. We'll do lunch.

everquest editor, caretaker of the holy plant of raant: Riprend

As shown, Riprend the Asystole spends the majority of his gaming day devoted to the pursuit of the perfect "[email protected]". When not engaged in this worthy endeavor, he likes to spend the small remainder of his time dressing up like Raph Koster and leading his fellow trolls on holy jihads against proper game design. He also makes it a point never to dine at Taco Cabana, except if he's eating with Brad McQuaid or Gordon Wrinn.

asheron's call editor, harbringer of twinkies: Savant

Savant is currently in hiding from Bael'Zharon after threatening to take away his candy.

contributing writer, Nader/Kakori 2004: Delusion
(email / web)

Delusion is a small Japanese girl who phones in her updates from her parents' apartment in Kyoto. She is a huge fan of Ultima Online, primarily for its keen attention to literary consistency. She also plays Asheron's Call, where she is an elf. Delusion really just wants to be held, preferably by a large, swarthy Turk. ALL LOVE = ^_^ =

contributing writer, priest of KAAOS: Hedron
(email / web)

I've been hanging with people online since about 1985, beginning with pre-internet (or rather pre-general-public, web-based internet) local 6 person chat rooms and BBSes, up through services like AOL, and then out onto the Internet. For over 14 years, one way or another, I've been watching people interact online both in general and in games.

In terms of player interactive games (PIGs - much better than MMORPGs as an abbreviation, don't ya think?), I've played Diablo, MageStorm, Doom (I and II), Duke Nuke'em, Quake, Warcraft, Warcraft 2, Starcraft, Solaria, AOE, UO, Everquest, AC, and dabbled in some MUDs. More significantly, for over 3 years I played the first graphical MMORPG game called Neverwinter Nights based on AD&D rules that allowed 500 or so players on at once. Offine, I've played D&D, AD&D, Magic: The Gathering and off-line computer games.

I know my shit. So don't argue with me. I'm always right. OK, maybe not always. And go ahead and argue with me. I like the vitriol.

I believe:

1) That loot is the cancer of PvP (credit to Azmo for the specific turn of phrase)

2) That gameplay must rely on challenging the human skills of the player, not merely on time spent in order to be fun

3) That PvP is at the heart of every multiplayer game

4) That the levelling treadmill in MMORPGs stinks

5) That the post-max game is what counts

6) That games should be designed to deliver maximum fun and minimum boredom. Always. No, ALWAYS

7) That PKers are wimps, that Role Masturbators are idiots, and that RPing PvPers rule the world

8) That people who can't take a rude debate without crying shouldn't post on public boards

9) That evil players have more fun

10) And that you stopped reading after the first line of this thing. Why not. I did.

contributing writer, screaming valkyrie of vengeance: Lietgardis
(email / web)

Once a normal, if quiet, honors student in rural Oregon's public school system; now, a decidedly eccentric college student and dedicated online gamer. The catalysts would seem to be the purchase of Ultima 7: The Black Gate in 1992 and the acquisition of a 2400 baud modem and list of local BBSes in 1994. Current hobbies include idling in IRC and attempting to apply an expensive private-school education in literary theory to what people do in Ultima Online and Asheron's Call.

contributing writer, avatar of the holy lorena bobbitt: Lum's Other Half

Lum's Other Half came up with her nickname herself, and is quite proud of it. She has a 200 Begging skill in Everquest and has a few opinions. She got her job at through sleeping with the editor.


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