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ELY'S AC COOL TO THE MAX BOARD (Asheron's Call and acid - mix well and stir)

You're probably already banned. Especially if you're French, the Pope, or Raph Koster.

Interviews, Articles, Reviews
Self important rubbish set on its own special little page.

Really Old News Stories
Not yet imported into our news database. You'll never know what you'll find!

It's like smoking crack, only slightly more socially acceptable

Allakhazam's Yahoo Realm
Buur's EQ Rants
Tweety's Self-Indulgent Rants
EQ Atlas
Casters Realm
EQ Maps A'Plenty
EQ Answers
Everquest: The Safe Corporate View
Fires of Heaven: News From Your Favorite Uberguild
Official EQ Forums (aka Whineplay)

(Bards) Song Analysis
(Clerics) EQ Cleric
(Druids) Druid's Grove
(Enchanters) Casters Realm
(Mages) Magician's Tower
(Monks) Monkly Business
(Necros) EQ Necros (currently down)
(Paladins) Paladins of Norrath
(Rangers) Ranger's Glade
(Rogues) The Safehouse
(Shamen) The Shaman's Crucible
(Warriors) EQStratics Warrior Forum
(Wizards) Graffe's

Asheron's Call
If I still played this game, I would probably have a wiseass comment to put here

Crossroads of Dereth
General Zang's Reports
Musashi's Cheesy Web
Darktide News Network
Propaganda: Azile

Ultima Online
A grand social experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong

Bob Über Alles
The Chosen
UO Powergamers
UO Stratics
A Little Bit Of Everything
Battle Vortex
Update Journal

Ultima Online Worlds of Ultima: Origin Worlds
And they danced!

UO2 Stratics

Anarchy Online
Where LumCorp rules with an iron fist over the proles of Rubi-Ka

AO Daily
Dr Twister's AO

I don't write web sites to bake bread, I write them to crush

Crossroads of Shadowbane

Dark Age of Camelot
Because "Light Age of Camelot" sounded fruity

Vault Network site

You kids and your aliens today, bah.

Atriarch Stratics

Crossroads of Atriana

Designing A Better Skinner Box
Because, admit it, everyone reading this site wants to do their own game. And better. With precasting. Biy0tch.

Imaginary Realities
Richard Bartle
Raph Koster
Confessions of an Archwizard
Player Wimping Guidebook

Other Crap
In case you haven't noticed, I use this website in lieu of keeping bookmarks
Old Man Murray
Ozy and Millie
Penny Arcade

Portal of Evil
Something Awful
YahooNews: Full Coverage

Note that in some instances the persons interviewed no longer work at the company listed.

"GM Hakosako", Verant Interactive (6/00)
Brad "Aradune" McQuaid, Verant Interactive (4/00)
Jessica "Durga" Mulligan, Origin Systems Inc. (12/99)
Serafina Pechan, World Fusion (4/00)
Damion "Ubiq" Schubert, Origin Systems Inc. (5/00)
Carly "LadyMOI" Staehlin, Origin Systems Inc. (6/99)
"Dr. Twister", Dr. Twister Networks (12/99)
Brian "Balseraph" Urbanek, Wolfpack Studios (3/00)
Gordon "Tyrant" Walton, Origin Systems Inc. (9/99)

We tell you what to buy

Everquest: The Ruins of Kunark
Ultima Online: Renaissance
Vampire: The Masquerade

Really, it's supposed to be funny and whatnot

1989 in the future, we all must share a Vision (11/99)
And They Danced! with more of those loveable Origin screenshots (7/00)
Koooonark! with all your favorite Verant characters (10/99)
The Presidential Debate because damn it all, you need to know (7/00)
Town Cryer your source for UO news (6/00)
UO2 Revealed because we bring you the news FIRST (9/99)
UO3 Revealed because we still bring you the news FIRST (5/00)

Really, it's not supposed to be funny and whatnot

Broken Mirrors the eternally unfinished essay on players of MMORPGs (5/99)
The Darwin Files how one UO GM found his personal path to success and fortune (7/99)
E3 2000 with previews of UO2, Shadowbane, Anarchy Online, and Lum's sore feet (6/00)
eBay and the Tides of Time real economies, virtual worlds (4/00)
Everquest Experience an analysis of what Verant won't tell you (10/99)
Myschyf's Roundtable where pretty much everyone discusses fiction in gaming (6/00)
Range = Distance over Time Delusion explains how to fix your MMORPG (4/00)
Tale of the Dragon how a golf club manufacturer came to be in the MMORPG business (4/00)


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